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Articuloud is the new online text-to-speech communication aid from CarePair.

Articuloud is a online system and can be accessed by any device capable of running a web browser with an internet connection, either wireless, 3G or 4G. This includes devices such as iPads, iPods, Android Tablets, PCs, Macs, Games Consoles and many more consumer devices. Articuloud can also be used with existing AAC communication systems that are browser and internet capable, such as eye-gaze systems. Meaning that you can use Articuloud across a wide range of platforms, and access methods.

Articuloud is available in 7 languages, English, French, German, Dutch, Spanish, Italian and Austrian, with 23 voices including regional accents! Articuloud also has location based vocabulary abilities meaning you can save phrases based on your location, for example in the shops, at home or in the pub!

Articuloud also automatically saves all of your vocabulary into your online profile, so if you move from device to device, all of your vocabulary and settings will be there when you log in!

All this is available for a monthly subscription of £5, which starts automatically after your 30 day free trial.

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