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Ever Wondered How Many...

People often ask me how many people actually use CarePair, will there be a Carer or an Employer in my area?

As admin, I can see every user, and where they are in the country, but as users, you can only see if you search region by region.

So I thought about answering the question and quickly thought, the only way to see how much of the UK was covered was to plot it all on a map...

Each circle represents one user, and the size of the circle represents the area that user is willing to look at carers from, if they are an employer, and how far they would be willing to travel, if they are a carer.

So here you are, CarePair's users, in map form!

CarePair's Employers


CarePair's Carers


As you can see, the chances of finding a match in your area are good, and getting better every day!

All the best

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